Jolene Jabbers: Comedies

I love comedies.  It’s my favorite genre.  They generally leave you in a good mood as opposed to watching a horror movie or a thriller.  Sure there’s excitement and perhaps even adrenaline pumping through your veins, but that doesn’t compare to the good feelings you have after watching a good comedy.   To me, a good comedy is one that has a good storyline, so the whole movie isn’t just pointless belly laughs.  It has to have me laughing or smiling so much to the point where I feel like I just did a hardcore ab workout from laughing so hard, have memorable punch lines for me to quote, and has to have a happy ending.  That’s my criteria for a good comedy.  My expectations aren’t high, nor are they hard to meet.  I laugh super easily, to the point where it can get quite annoying.  But I just can’t help it! I find a lot of things funny!

Over the summer I had to learn all these terms about comedy and different types of comedy.  Recently, this was revisited.  The first thought that came to my head was “shoot me now.”  It’s doing things like this that make me hate school.  Why do we have to analyze every little thing?! It just sucks the joy out of everything.  Let’s face it, it’s not like we could bring it up in everyday talk anyways.  Unless you’re a writer for a comedy, these terms are deemed useless.  When am I ever going to analyze why something is funny in everyday life? If it’s funny, it’s funny. That’s all there is to it. So when I saw this handout, I wanted to burn it.  There is no way in (insert antonym of heaven) this teacher is going to take away my enjoyment of comedies.  Lo and behold, we had to keep those terms in mind when watching the movie shown in class.  What do you think happened?  I enjoyed the movie less than if I were to just watch it for fun.  I was more focused on answering the question, “Why did this make me laugh?” rather than focusing on the actual movie itself.

Now, I understand that somehow watching a movie has to be related back to class; otherwise it would not be appropriate to show during class time. But if you’re going to suck the joy out of something I love, might as well not show it at all.  I’d rather do an assignment I know I’ll hate than to learn to hate something I love.


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