Jolene Jabbers: Dentists

Office I work at. Come visit me! (:

Office I work at. Come visit me! (:

“I hate the dentist.”

How people seem to perceive the dentist:

Why? What is there to hate? NOTHING.  It is ridiculous how many reviews I’ve read on Yelp that start with “I hate the dentist, but Dr. So-and-so did such a great job!”  That is because the dentist is not out to get you.  In fact, most dentists do their very best to make sure their customer is satisfied.  It’s not like they plan out how to exactly torture you. So what I don’t get is, why do people hate the dentist?

Is it the drill?  Okay, honestly, if this is what you’re scared of, you need to pull yourself together because the drill is not worse than getting a shot.  As a matter of fact, the drill is LESS painful because anesthesia would be given if you were in pain.  I got my tooth shaved down with no anesthesia.  I was a 16 year old girl when this happened.  To all my fellas out there, all I have to say is man up.  It is not that bad.  To all my ladies, don’t be a chicken.  Do not succumb to the preconception that women are weak.  You can take the drill, trust me on this.  If I can do it, then so can you.

Is it the pain that comes with some procedures?  Again, there is anesthesia.  Especially with today’s technology, there is no pain during the actual procedure.  The pain comes afterwards.  Think about it like this:  have you ever had a really intense workout? During that workout, there may have been some pain, but it was tolerable.  The day after, you wake up sore and unable to move, but it feels good! You feel good about yourself for accomplishing such a feat.  You can feel the muscles tone in your body to get that nice definition.  That is just like the pain of dentistry.  During the procedure, there is minimal pain.  However when you wake up, it’s a different story.  But, after the pain subsides, you see results and your smile is beautiful.  No pain, no gain, people!

Is it the cost?  Anything medical related is going to put a dent in your wallet.  As a matter of fact, everything has a cost! It shouldn’t be a surprise.  Nothing is free in this world.

Honestly, the idea of the dentist being scary is scarier than the dentist himself/herself.  Personally, I’ve always liked the dentist.  Even when I was a child! Granted, I never had to go through procedures such as root canals or surgical extractions, but all the procedures I did go through were not bad at all.

I also want to say, you brought all this dental work upon yourself.  If you maintained a healthy oral routine, you would not be stuck with having to go through all those procedures.  It is not that hard to grab a toothbrush and brush for two minutes of your life.  You can multitask! Brush your teeth while using your phone.  Brush your teeth while doing wall sits.  It’s not a hard task to do.  I find it disgusting how some people only brush once a day.  If you only brush at night, then throughout the day you have “morning breath” which is worse than the smell of feces at times.  If you only brush in the morning then you’re going to sleep with all the germs and bacteria that have harbored in your mouth all day.  They just sit and chill in your mouth and eat away at your teeth, causing decay.  Same goes with flossing.  How can you let all that bacteria build up between your teeth? Flossing only takes another two minutes at most.  So before you start to point fingers at your dentist, make sure your own hands are clean.  It’s a two-way street!


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