Firsts: School

The rate in which your adrenaline is rushing is beyond imagination, your heart is pumping so fast you’d think you’d die because you’ve used up all the heartbeats in your lifetime, your thoughts are haphazard and all over the place.  Well, that’s how I feel at first; I sure hope I’m not the only one. As nerve-wracking as it feels in the moment, overcoming those nerves create a sense of overwhelming pride and accomplishment that is simply unexplainable and cannot be put into words.

I know I preach that you don’t need anyone else to make you happy, and that you can find happiness within yourself.  However, it’s hard to do that when we are stuck in a society in which we have to live up to other people’s standards.  A society where we are told what to do, how to do it, when to do it, and there’s nothing we can do about it until we have AT LEAST come of age.  That doesn’t even factor in culture, where you can’t leave the house until you’re married.

That’s why we need to interact with other people outside our own little bubble. I believe human interaction or really any interaction at all every so often with strangers is nice.  Personally, I LOVE meeting new people- for the first time, that is.  I don’t like getting to know people on a deep, personal level to the point where you know someone better than yourself.  You know them inside and out- at a cellular level, their mental processes, what their next step is going to be before they themselves know- that is way too scary for me.  I value privacy.  But I love meeting new people.  I love hearing stories I would never hear of otherwise, learning about “hidden gems,” spurring intellectual conversation, finding about new cultures- I just love gaining new knowledge that I simply cannot learn inside a boxed room with posters plastered to distract me from the otherwise boring words coming from my teacher’s mouth.  School has sucked out and drained away all the fun from learning. I miss that feeling I used to have back in elementary school, when I was eager to learn.  When I was thirsty for the knowledge my teacher poured out for us.  Presently, all I’ve learned these past few years, especially in high school, is how to pretend.  How to pretend I’m a good writer, how to pretend I get what a chapter is about, how to pretend to listen to what my teacher is saying, how to pretend to be that cookie cutter girl society wants me to be, how to pretend I understand the homework when really, I just get the bare minimum.

With today’s technology, we are more globally connected than ever before.  Recently, in class, we did an activity with another class from another state.  Admittedly, I don’t know what was happening half the time but I thought it was really cool.  Basically, we had two classes; the teachers planned this prior to the activity.  We would have a Skype/Google hangout session.  Each classroom would have computers, and the class would be split into “teams.”  These teams ultimately worked together to figure out what state the other class was from, and if that was too easy, it would be narrowed down to the county.


Panoramic shot of all this in action!

I wish learning were more like this, or would be geared towards activities like this.  Not all of us learn from lectures and PowerPoints.


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