OHWJ #6: Flossing

It’s the little things in life that matter most, that have the biggest impact. These things seem insignificant at first, but in the end they turn out to be quite significant.  For example, something small such as smiling at a stranger can have a huge effect on their mood.  They may be having a bad day, but your smile could have changed all that.


Just like your smile can change someone’s day, flossing every day can change your smile.  People do not floss enough!  Once a day is the minimal amount, is it really that hard?  Flossing may seem insignificant and small, but doing so will impact the overall health of your mouth significantly.  It will take off some of the plaque in between your teeth that brushing alone could not remove.  Continuous flossing will lead to stronger gums.  Stronger gums provide a stronger foundation for your teeth, which is important if you want to keep your teeth, and trust me you want to keep your teeth.  So if you don’t floss, start now!  Do not underestimate its impact.

On another note, I recently just finished Frankenstein by Mary Shelley.  Ever since I knew about Frankenstein, I always assumed the creature’s name was Frankenstein.  I knew Frankenstein was a monster, but in reality it was the creator who was the actual monster.  With that being said, it really bothered me while I was reading the novel that the creature had no name.  And so I thought, if the creature was given a name, would something that small affect the overall plot? In the story, Frankenstein was trying to become as integrated into society as possible.  He tried to be human.  He learned the language and he watched De Lacey’s family to learn proper etiquette and how the average human lives their life.  However, from the beginning he was given no name, therefore he was instantly dehumanized.  I think if the creature was given a name, he wouldn’t have handled things the way he did by killing off Victor’s family members.  I think if Victor had done something as small as giving the creature a name, then the creature would have felt that Victor cared somewhat, therefore I think the creature would have been a little more persistent with befriending Victor because once you get someone to care a bit, it is easier to work your way up.


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