R-r-r-remix! Everything is a remix, according to Kirby Ferguson. Nothing is completely original anymore.  In the movie industry, they’re remaking old films.  Why? Because we are running out of ideas.  But even the great movies we once thought were original (such as Star Wars) had elements inspired by other films in it. Remixes are especially evident in the music industry.  To be honest, I really do like remixed songs for the most part.  I like how another artist can completely transform a song into a different song, yet there’s still that underlying aspect underneath it all that makes the song still enjoyable.  For example, let’s look at Christmas songs.  Artists today are taking old Christmas carols and are putting their own spins on the tunes.  Let’s be honest, some of these sound horrible, but I have to say I have found quite a few Christmas carol remixes that I enjoy listening to way more than the original.

In addition, everything about the holiday season is a remix! For example, food recipes are always being remixed. There are ways of tweaking up a recipe to make something new and completely your own. One of my favorite past times during the holiday season was and still is baking. I love making holiday treats!  If you decorate your house festively, you are also “remixing” your house.  If you need some inspiration or ideas on how to “remix” up your holiday, feel free to check out my pinterest board!



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