OHWJ #4: White and Bright

It’s late at night, and your friends think they see the ghost of your dead father.  “Come here, come see for yourself!”  They pull you towards the light.  “Silly gooses,” you say, “that’s just my teeth reflecting light into the mirror, and a picture of my dad in the background! You guys have been reading too much Hamlet!” That’s what’s going to happen one day if you follow my instructions on how to get your teeth white the QUICKEST way. Okay, maybe the whole I-saw-your-dead-father thing isn’t going to happen, but your friends will turn as white as ghosts once they see the dramatic transformation in your teeth and will be DYING to know your secret! This is how I got my teeth whiter in just TWO WEEKS. Please know that this method may not work for EVERYONE.  Everyone’s teeth are different!

For those of you who don’t know, I have porcelain veneers.  Prior to getting them put in I didn’t know they were permanent, and that the color could not be changed.  So when I went to my dentist and found this out, I was exasperated because I really wanted white teeth, but it was too late to go back because they had already shaved down the size of my tooth.  He then told me that if I was willing to walk around with buck teeth for a while, it was possible for me to whiten my teeth before they permanently bonded the veneer onto my teeth. So I agreed, as long as it was quick, because it would soon be the holidays and I didn’t want to have buck teeth in the photographs.  I had a time span of 3 weeks, and so I got my first pair of bleaching trays.


Here is what my teeth looked like.  Beautiful, I know, you don’t have to tell me.



Bleaching trays are made specifically for your teeth, and conform to your teeth in such a way so that the bleaching gel can penetrate your teeth exactly, without bleaching your gums in the process.  As you can see in the second photo above, my old bleaching trays for my teeth before I got veneers do not fit my teeth now. Don’t worry, I have trays that DO fit me that I use now. If you want to keep your teeth white, I highly recommend you invest in some bleaching trays.  Trust me, they are worth the investment!


This is the bleaching gel that I used.  It’s from the Zoom! Post- Care and Maintenance kit.   It’s mostly used for maintaining the color of your teeth, but it’s also effective in getting your teeth a few shades lighter if used consistently.  You can use any brand, just make sure its Carbamide peroxide.  I have a 22% concentration, but if you have sensitive teeth, use a lower percentage.  If you want to use a more concentrated gel, go for it, but I warn you: sensitive teeth are NOT fun.  I used this gel every other day for the first week, and nearly every day the second week and I had the trays in my mouth for at least an hour, no longer than 2 hours. You can sleep with these trays overnight, but I only do that now on days before I know I’m going to be photographed. A little goes a long way with this tube.  This tube itself is enough for 6 applications.  You only need a small dot on each tooth. My teeth did not get sensitive throughout this whole process.  You can get bleaching gels from your dentist, or you can also purchase them online, but these are not offered in stores.

After you get your desired shade, you no longer have to continue use of the bleaching gels.  DO NOT bleach your teeth every week after your first use.  I know it’s tempting, and quite addicting, but this will RUIN your teeth, so after the initial two weeks, do not bleach your teeth again until a few months later.  I personally bleach every 3-5 months.

This was how I got my teeth white.  Need proof to see this method truly works? CHECK OUT ORAL HYGIENE WITH JOLENE #1! Link here: https://queenjolenep.wordpress.com/2013/10/15/oral-hygiene-with-jolene-1-teeth-transformation/ Now I know that not everyone can afford this method and so I will post alternative, cheaper ways to get your teeth whiter in the future.   In addition, I will post how I maintain my white smile now!

I know I preach “get your teeth white and bright,” but know that looks aren’t everything.  White teeth are nice to have, but they are not necessary.  I know it is cliché to say this, but what’s on the inside really is what counts.  If people are bashing you about your teeth, ignore them.  Work hard, and if you can save up the money THEN bleach your teeth when you are ready.  Don’t do it just because someone tells you to.  With that, I hope you all had a great holiday; and stay tuned for more Oral Hygiene with Jolene posts!


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