Five Hundred Twenty-Five Thousand Six Hundred Minutes

Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes, how do you measure the life of a woman or a man? This song has been stuck in my head, it’s been my shower song of the past week or so. That’s where I do most of my deep thinking, and where I figure out the subject of my blog posts! Anyways, with Thanksgiving rolling around the corner, and college applications deadlines coming up, I can’t help but think that life is going by WAY too quickly.  I’ve been having nostalgic feelings. There’s so much I want to do, but have no time to do.  Then I take a few steps back and just think, I have so much to be grateful for.  I still have a loving family, I have food to eat, and friends who care for me.  For the most part, the people I surround myself with are loyal, they aren’t really the back-stabbing type. *cough* Claudius from Hamlet *cough* Iago from Othello *cough.* So the next time you’re feeling sad and depressed, think about all you have and stop feeling sorry for yourself!  While you may be hating your life right now, there’s someone else out there in the world that WISHES they were living the life you live.

Sometimes I think we take things for granted.  People are so self-absorbed and selfish nowadays.  I have to say, I’m guilty of this, but I’m trying to change. I feel we’ve forgotten what the holidays are supposed to be about.  Thanksgiving isn’t a day to be thankful for what we have anymore.  It’s a day where it is okay to live in gluttony and I feel like people are more excited about the Black Friday sales than they are about spending time with their families. Posting a picture on Instagram or Facebook and writing a few sentences and a handful of hashtags expressing how thankful you are doesn’t mean anything. Actions speak louder than words. To show that you really are thankful for what you have, you should go out and do something for people who don’t have anything to be thankful for.  Every year, my family adopts another family who can’t afford a proper thanksgiving meal.  Basically we make a huge gift basket and fill it with food and other Thanksgiving-related items so that the family can celebrate the holiday.  Then, we go out and help load the food baskets to each families’ car super early in the morning.  Now I’m not saying you have to do something as extensive as this, but maybe you should go through your closet and donate some of the clothes you don’t wear anymore.  Go mow an elderly persons’ lawn.  Be considerate of others on the streets. You can go volunteer at the hospital or the library, the possibilities of helping others are endless.  My teacher has a poster in her room that reads “If you want to be happy for an hour: go watch TV.  If you want to be happy for a day: go to an amusement park.  If you want to be happy for a lifetime: go out and help others,” and I stand by this quote 100%.  That feeling you get when you help someone out is one of the best feelings in the world.

Life’s too short. Go make a difference!


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