OHWJ #2: FAKING a smile

Do YOU want that blindingly white Hollywood smile? Some of these celebrities most certainly did! Here are some celebrities who took initiative on perfecting their smile.

George Clooney

Zac Efron

Miley Cyrus


Megan Fox

tom cruise teeth before and after

Tom Cruise

hilary duff teeth before and after

Hillary Duff


Chris Rock

These are only a few of many celebrities that have undergone cosmetic dentistry but there are PLENTY more. Previously, I promised a post on veneers. What are veneers? Basically, they are a thin layer of restorative materials to enhance or improve the aesthetics of the tooth, or to protect damage to tooth surfaces. There are two types of veneers- porcelain and composite-resin. Here are the pros of porcelain veneers:

  • Durable, they can last years longer than other restorative materials
  • They are very hard to stain, so if you are a smoker, or are a heavy dark-liquid drinker, these are for you!
  • They are more realistic-looking since they have a transparency factor that composite doesn’t have
  • Less of the tooth surface has to be shaved down
  • QUICK way to get the perfect smile. Years of braces/invisalign? Weeks of teeth whitening? NOT NECESSARY!

And the cons are:

  • They are SUPER expensive, each individual tooth itself ranges within the hundreds to two hundreds price range, so getting your whole mouth done can cost THOUSANDS of dollars
  • Once it is broken or chipped, the WHOLE veneer has to be replaced, you can’t just add more porcelain on top like composites
  • They may require more than one visit, since a dental lab technician is making the tooth, and shading can be off, therefore more visits may be needed to get the EXACT shade
  • Color and procedure is PERMANENT, you can’t whiten or discolor your teeth once its in place, and since it requires surface shaving, once your teeth is shaved down, you can’t go back

The pros to composites are:

  • Natural looking, better than amalgam fillings
  • A LOT cheaper
  • Only one office visit required
  • Easier to fix in case of a chip or break

And the cons:

  • Can break or chip easily
  • Need to be replaced every 4-8 years, depending on care

Either way, these procedures enhance the beauty of your smile. However, veneers may not be for everyone.  If your teeth are severely misaligned, some form of straightening of the teeth is necessary if you want that perfect smile. If there’s a gap you want to fill, or the teeth shape isn’t how you want it to be, or perhaps you’ve chipped your tooth, veneers may be the solution to your problem.

Personally, I have two porcelain veneers in my mouth.  People hardly are able to notice that it’s fake, even dental assistants unless they see the x-rays!  I’ve had them for nearly a year now, and they’re still going strong.  I see no signs of chipping, nor discoloration. I’m really happy with them and I recommend anyone considering getting them, to get them! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me and ask whatever questions you may have! Of course, it’s best to consult your dentist and please do NOT take my word as fact, each person has different teeth and dentition, so PLEASE consult your doctor before deciding on anything.

Life is full of fake people- all sorts of fake people. There’s people who fake their appearance, and there are those who fake their personalities, those who fake their way to the top, and those who fake their true feelings and emotions.  If you’re a human being on this earth, chances are, you’ve encountered some form of phoniness. Iago from Shakespeare’s Othello reminded me of these veneers.  At the front, they both appear to be real, nice, and pleasant. Everyone likes them, and on top of that they appear to support you, whatever hardships you encounter. However, once the outside is shattered, at the core, they are really ugly.  Iago was not nice or pleasant, but rather a two-faced back-stabbing villain. He faked a smile and was able to fool everyone with his words. So, if you do decide to get veneers, don’t be like Iago. Though your teeth may be fake on the outside, be real!


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