I’m Just Going to Be Me, Jolene P.

I don’t really have an obvious theme in mind that will repeat throughout my blogging journey but rather, I hope to just express what’s on my mind.  I want to put my two cents out there for the world’s viewing pleasure.  I also want to help others. How exactly am I going to do this? Well, I have a some ideas in mind. Basically, I’m hoping to have different segments on my blog.  I still have to fine-tune some of these ideas but having something in mind is better than nothing, right?


Idea 1: Hey Yo, JOJO!

Basically, this is where I hope to give out advice.  I understand that I may not have a lot of followers right now so early in the game, so I was thinking of maybe going to “Yahoo Answers” and responding to a question someone has posted up there for the first few posts or so.  I used to be really into the “Dear Abby” section of the newspaper and would always ponder how I would’ve replied.  I would have mental conversations with the people who needed help.  Does that make me crazy? Anyways, since I like helping other people, I thought this would be a good way to do so. Just think of me as your big sister! I came up with “Hey Yo, JOJO!” because I thought it was catchier than the usual boring, “Dear Jolene.”

Idea 2: Help Me, JP! How great can _____ be?

I originally planned to make Help Me, JP be the advice section, but then I came up with Hey Yo, JOJO! and thought that sounded less desperate and more informal therefore giving off a more comfortable vibe so that people would feel less pathetic by saying “help me” as if they were in life-or-death situations.  I mean, of course there are going to be people who need help with those situations, but not everyone is going to need help to that degree. Therefore, I lengthened this to: Help Me, JP! How great can _____ be?  This is going to be where I review things, whether it be restaurants, recipes, products, apps, anything!  I know that when I want to purchase a product, the first thing I do before I do decide to buy it is look up reviews online from different blogs.  Same goes for restaurants- I look up reviews online.

Idea 3: Oral Hygiene with Jolene

Basically, I’m just going to be sharing with you all everything I know about teeth. I take oral care very seriously, and there aren’t many teeth blogs out there, so I thought it would be a good idea to do so.  It’s something I’m truly passionate about.

I know I said I don’t really have a theme in mind in the beginning, but after reflecting, I’m essentially just trying to help people in the end.  Help them by giving advice, helping them decide whether or not to waste their time/money on a product or item, or helping the ladies get ideas for their next manicure/pedicure. More ideas may come along the way, but for now, this is all I got.



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